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Is this the end for real fur?

How fashion is ditching animal cruelty – in favour of luxury faux fur.

Source: BBC – Culture – Is this the end for real fur?


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Biocouture: Designer Suzanne Lee on growing your own clothes

Biocouture: Designer Suzanne Lee on growing your own clothes
Suzanne Lee has developed a novel approach to fashion design – she grows her own materials. The designer came up with the idea when researching a book about how fashion would look in 50 years time. Using a recipe of green tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast she is able to ‘grow’ a material which she describes as a kind of “vegetable leather”.

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Punk Fashion

Punk teaser finalPunk Fashion
“Punk’s signature mixing of references was fueled by artistic developments such as Dada and postmodernism,” said Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “so it makes sense to present this exhibition in a museum that also shows the broader output of those movements. Indeed, that dialogue between art and fashion is what makes The Costume Institute so singular.