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The photographer who captured the swinging 60s

momentos-sublimes-de-la-vida-mundana-las-increibles-fotos-de-david-hurns-1413248557890David Hurn documented the glamour, and the grit, of Britain in an era of liberation. He describes taking photos of The Beatles, a foam kiss – and one of London’s first strip clubs.

Source: BBC – Culture – The photographer who captured the swinging 60s


Decasia: Excerpt Three (Bill Morrison, 2002) – YouTube

The film is a meditation on old, decaying silent films, featuring segments of earlier movies re-edited and integrated into a new narrative. Critic Glen Kenny described Decasia as an “abstract narrative about mortality in all of its manifestations.”[1]

It begins and ends with scenes of a dervish and is bookended with old footage showing how film is processed. Nothing was done to accelerate the decomposition of the actual film prints, some of which were copied from the University of South Carolina‘s Moving Image Research Collections.[2]