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Tattoos: Why people get ‘jewellery you can’t take off’

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 9.30.19 PMTattoos: Why people get ‘jewellery you can’t take off’
Modern tattoos make a statement rather than show rebellion, believes Northumbria University lecturer Lee Barron. He is researching the “personal meaning” of body art. Advice offered by the owners of the following tattoos includes: never have one you cannot hide, understand removal will be “10 times the pain” of a tattoo and, from Lyn Hagan in Sunderland, think very carefully before committing to “jewellery that you can’t take off”.


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The rise of the text tattoo

The rise of the text tattoo
It probably wasn’t on Shakespeare’s radar that his work would one day unite Megan Fox, Danielle Lineker and Lindsay Lohan. But it has – they all have Shakespeare quotations tattooed on their bodies. Why are more people getting such high-brow inkings?