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3D-printed raspberry

The latest development in the world of 3D printing is an edible raspberry – but is it anything like the real thing? Vaiva Kalnikaite of Cambridge-based tech company Dovetailed told the BBC’s Waseem Mirza that the 3D fruit was a good alternative to the real thing.

via BBC News – Introducing the 3D-printed raspberry.


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BBC News – 3D printing reveals the power of shark skin

BBC News – 3D printing reveals the power of shark skin
Scientists have used a 3D-printed model of shark skin to show how tooth-like scales help the predators to cruise efficiently.

Viewed up close, a shark’s skin bristles with tiny teeth or “denticles” which aid swimming.

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‘Why I 3D printed an iPhone shoe’

‘Why I 3D printed an iPhone shoe’
After around a decade of practice 3D-printing designers have become comfortable with the technique and are now playing with its possibilities like never before – especially as new materials become 3D-printable.

Many of these expert designers are drawn to an area around northern Belgium and the western parts of the Netherlands – including the so-called “ELAt”, the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen triangle that markets itself as Europe’s hi-tech hub.